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Encrypted Communication

Users now have the option of encrypting their e-mails in the GMX mailbox directly, free of charge, using the OpenPGP standard. The process works by using the Mailvelope browser extension, which handles the generation and management of keys. The setup of the method was simplified to such an extent that no special technical knowledge is required.

A familiar user interface

Once the user has set up encrypted communication, he or she can continue to write encrypted e-mails using the same user interface in his/her GMX mailbox as before. Lock icons are used here to indicate the tamper-proof Mailvelope entry fields. Whenever the browser extension is enabled, the message "OK" will appear on the Mailvelope icon in the browser bar. This indicates that the input fields are secure. Encrypted communication can be set up in the GMX Mail app using a QR code or recovery code.

Easier setup

Using a setup wizard, GMX users can set up encrypted communication in three simple steps. What's more, they do not have to exchange public keys manually: the exchange is automated via a personal invitation process.

Special features of encrypted communications with GMX

Create backup

Mailvelope and GMX offer users a backup option for password and keys. Mailvelope handles the encryption of the data. This arrangement ensures that neither company can access users' keys or passwords. During the backup, a restore document with a code is created, with which the key and password can be restored or to set up encrypted communication on other devices. This backup is voluntary, but recommended.

Easy exchange via the key servers

The keys created by Mailvelope and GMX are stored on the key servers at the end of the setup process. This way, GMX customers can exchange encrypted e-mails without going through the process of inviting the other user, if they have previously set up encrypted communication. Only GMX customers have access to this key server. The keys stored there can be deleted at any time.

Compatible with major browsers and systems

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • iOS
  • Android

Everything you need to know about GMX encrypted communication