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Community Product

Your private data protected by free software

Free forever
  • Send and receive emails securely
  • Works with all common webmail providers
  • Secure encryption based on PGP technology
  • GnuPG integration & USB Token support
  • Open Source license
  • For Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Brave
  • Specially adapted for:
    Gmail Posteo
    GMX freenet.de
    Web.de 1&1
    mailbox.org T-Online
Business Product

Communicating securely with organizations worldwide

3 € per user/month Volume pricing
  • All features of the Community package
  • Google Workspace integration
    • additional Mailvelope control elements
    • PGP/MIME
    • optimized processing of attachments
  • Your business communication GDPR compliant
  • Individual email support
Enterprise Product

Specific solutions for protecting your enterprise data

Get in touch for a custom quote
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  • All features of the Business package
  • Individual Support (SLA)
  • Custom feature development

Product FAQ

How can I use Mailvelope Business as a nonprofit organisation?

For nonprofit organisations we offer a special Mailvelope Nonprofit plan, provided certain criteria are met. For more information please see our FAQ.

What are the advantages of switching to Mailvelope Business?

With Mailvelope Business you get access to support under a service level agreement. For organizations using Google Workspace, Mailvelope Business offers a connection to the Gmail API: this makes it possible to send PGP emails with just one click and also decrypting PGP/MIME messages is comfortably solved. Additional Mailvelope controls make it easier to perform typical tasks such as forwarding encrypted emails and handling encrypted attachments.

How can I enable the use of the Gmail API in Mailvelope?

Starting with version 4.3, the Gmail API is activated by default when you install Mailvelope. The setting can be changed in the Mailvelope options under Gmail API.

I am using Google Workspace. Do I have to upgrade to Mailvelope Business?

No. Google Workspace users can continue to use Mailvelope to encrypt their email as before. The Gmail API connection can be switched off in the Mailvelope settings. However, for additional convenience, we recommend using Mailvelope Business with the Gmail API enabled.

Users of the Legacy free edition of G Suite (also known as legacy free edition of Google Apps) do not need a Mailvelope Business subscription. They can also use the Gmail API for free.

How can I manage or cancel my subscription?

You can log in to our portal at any time and change the details of your subscription or cancel it at the next possible date. Here it is also possible to in- oder decrease the number of users, choose another payment method or to change the billing address.

From which number of users do I count as an Enterprise customer?

Regardless of the number of users, Mailvelope Enterprise offers you custom feature development and an individually defined service level agreement. If you need these features please contact us.

Open Source

Mailvelope was founded as an open source project and will always remain free in the basic version. To finance the further development of our product, you can still support us on a voluntary basis.

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