Communicating securely with Mailvelope

Your sensitive data is securely protected by us.

No unauthorized person can read your data on the way - not even your provider.

And best of all, it's so simple that anyone can join in.

Mailvelope is a browser add-on that you can use in Chrome, Edge and Firefox to securely encrypt your emails with PGP using webmail providers

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Why Mailvelope?


The browser extension Mailvelope provides end-to-end encryption for your existing email address. Encrypt your mails without having to change your email provider! Encryption and decryption takes place exclusively on the end devices. This means that your private data will never leave your device unencrypted.

Open Source

We value transparency: Mailvelope is the result of an open development process that can be observed at any time. In addition, security is evaluated by regular security audits. The source code published under a free license is available on GitHub. Mailvelope was funded by Internews and the Open Technology Fund, among others.


Mailvelope cooperates with the leading German email providers: Companies like 1und1, Freenet, GMX, Posteo, Telekom and WEB.DE are already using Mailvelope and are constantly working with us to make secure webmail even easier and more convenient.

Made in Germany

With a development time since 2012 and a quarter of a million users worldwide, Mailvelope has matured into a proven product. Mailvelope GmbH, based in Germany, offers support and services for open source encryption solutions.

Compatible with numerous webmail providers

So you can easily continue to use your current email account. And best of all: From now on, no one will read along. Because your information is only your business.

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(source: Chrome Web Store, as of July 15, 2019)

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"Mailvelope is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that makes it easy to use PGP."

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"brings OpenPGP encryption to your webmail service."

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"The easiest way to use PGP today is probably a plugin …called Mailvelope."

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"easy-to-use, free way to get PGP encryption"

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"a simple tool that greatly streamlines the process of mail-encryption."

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"Champions League der Sicherheit."

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"eine deutliche Verbesserung"

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"eine gute Kombination aus Komfort und Sicherheit"

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"Nie war verschlüsseln einfacher"

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