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Mailvelope can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Firefox Addon

A Firefox version of Mailvelope is currently in development. Latest installation packages can be found in the releases section on GitHub.

How does it work?

This documentation guides you through the basics to help you get started with Mailvelope.

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09.04.2014 / v0.8.0 | More details in the v0.8.0 blog post.
04.11.2013 / v0.7.0 | See the announcement for more details.
24.08.2013 / v0.6.6 | Support of file upload on key import view
27.06.2013 / v0.6.3 | Fix issues with importing of older keys
07.03.2013 / v0.6.0 | New security features, first external audit of Mailvelope. See the announcement for more details.
06.02.2013 / v0.5.5 | Fix compatibility issues for compressed messages
06.12.2012 / v0.5.4 | Improved positioning of decrypt dialog for large emails. See changelog for details.
12.11.2012 / v0.5.3 | Support for Roundcube webmail client


Mailvelope is free and open source. Help support its continued development.

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Mailvelope is based on OpenPGP.js, a JavaScript implementation of the OpenPGP standard.